West Point photo should not be career ending: Your Say

Female cadets are being investigated for raising fists.

Black female West Point cadets are being investigated after posing for a photo in uniform with fists in the air, a gesture some consider politically tied to Black Lives Matter and the Black Panther Party. Facebook comments edited for clarity, length and grammar:.

In a short period of time, these women will be in charge of the lives of our sons and daughters. If immaturity was the problem here, then correct that before they are commissioned and make decisions that hold lives in the balance. Maybe West Point should start educating these cadets to think for themselves, if group think was the issue. I think the tone deafness that drove this photo was appalling. But one decision like this should not break a career.

–Steve Heynen.

Policing the USA.

Leave these kids alone. They didn’t do anything wrong. This photo will probably end up on an equal opportunity poster for Women’s History Month or Black History Month. The Department of Defense bans partisan activity, not this.

–Bill Cork.

Last year, Citadel cadets dressed as ghosts, wearing pillow cases over their heads. It looked like they were members of the KKK, and a photo of the cadets surfaced on social media. Students were suspended. The same standards should be applied here.

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–Scott Branson.

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