US fans in France shout ‘(expletive) Trump’ during Fox News World Cup report

The U.S. Won Sunday’s Women’s World Cup final 2-0 over the Netherlands. And while the Stade de Lyon was packed with USWNT supporters, many other fans were taking in the atmosphere at nearby bars and pubs.

Fox News sent its foreign affairs correspondent Greg Palkot to a Lyon sports bar to report on the World Cup final’s postgame scene, and the fans — knowing that reporter was from Fox News — had their own message for the network’s live shot.

When Palkot was on the air, a U.S. Fan in the background shouted, “(expletive) Trump!” And much of the bar joined in to the point where it was clearly audible on the broadcast.

Given that Fox News is the preferred network of President Donald Trump, they perhaps should have seen this coming after he had unfavorable things to say about USWNT star Megan Rapinoe. Fox News was likely not going to get a friendly reception from USWNT fans in France.

Trump went silent after the USWNT’s win before tweeting a congratulatory message two hours later.

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