‘The Bachelor’ recap: Peter eliminates another four contestants – including some surprises

The only thing better than two hours of “The Bachelor” every week? FIVE hours. Yes, Bachelor Nation got an extra episode this week on top of an extra hour on Monday – and it marked another significant narrowing of contestants.

Santiago, Chile, is the series’ destination for Wednesday’s episode. Peter’s first one-on-one date goes to Hannah Ann, with whom he explores the city (including its center, the Plaza de Arms). She makes Peter laugh, and we almost find it cute when they kiss with food smeared on their faces. Almost. They run into a couple who have been married for 20 years. (It’s a running trope for bachelors and bachelorettes to “randomly” meet happy couples such as these.).

What’s not as cute: Hannah Ann has never been in love before, which spooks Peter. Is the 23-year-old ready for a lifelong commitment?

Peter asks her about her future, and she shares a drippy metaphor: “So many people stay in the shallow waters of life and you’ll only catch minnows in the shallow waters. And for me I’m like, ‘Let’s go deep. Let’s not stay on a superficial basis.’ “.

She tells Peter she’s 100% ready. HE asks to be excused and she goes after him, where she emotionally tells him she cares a lot about him. That’s what he was looking for, and he gives her the rose. She tearfully admits she’s starting to fall in love with him. We weren’t rooting for Hannah Ann – but now we think Peter could do worse.

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Victoria P., Mykenna star in twists made for a telenovela

Sydney, Natasha, Kelsey, Victoria P., Madison, Tammy, Kelley and Mykenna join Peter on a group date … Which is set in a telenovela! Peter has memories of watching telenovelas with his grandmother. This mainly made us miss “Jane the Virgin.”.

Everyone is assigned a role for “El Amor de Pedro”: For example Kelley plays his grandmother (really), casual “Grey’s Anatomy” watcher Sydney plays a nurse and Mykenna plays the forlorn maid. (Art imitates life: The night before this date she was preparing to give up.) This turned into an excuse for “Pedro” to kiss most of the women, though at the end he realizes he loves Mykenna’s character … Who was right in front of him all along. Will art imitate life again?

Faster than you can say “telenovela,” Peter throws the cast a major curveball. He sends Victoria P. Home, concerned she is more confident and secure in their relationship than he is. “I don’t know if I see you as my wife,” he says. “I’m so sorry.”.

We’re seriously viewing Madison as a frontrunner at this point. He writes a separate telenovela script, telling her that his heart is with her (and he means it: She snags the group-date rose). Just mushy enough for us!

Elsewhere, Tammy can’t take any more of Mykenna and calls her out on the hypocrisy of being happy with the date after nearly falling apart the day before. Peter and Madison can hear the two of them yelling.

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Mykenna explains to Peter that Tammy went after her, and tells him that she doesn’t want him to be concerned. Yikes.

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Victoria F., Peter don’t exactly ride off into the sunset

Victoria F. Receives another one-on-one date this episode. (You’ll recall the first one resulted in an encounter with ex-boyfriend country singer Chase Rice.) The two spend time in the Chilean countryside, and ride horses together among other activities.

Peter presses her after the date, though, as she expressed she was starting to get in her head about the competition. “Why can’t you just let this be and not almost sabotage it?” Peter asks her. “Maybe you would be happier with someone who could be more open with you at this point,” she says. She’s not sure if she should go home. (Seriously, if you’re having doubts, go.).

Victoria F. Says he deserves someone who’s confident, but that she likes him and wants it to continue. Whatever the case, Peter opts to give her the rose.

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Time for the cocktail party … and a two-on-one date?

Before the cocktail party, Peter decides to have a two-on-one date with Mykenna and Tammy. You should have seen this one coming.

Peter grabs Tammy first. She says Mykenna has shown no indication she’s on the show for the right reasons, and that she packed her bag before the group date.

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“I’m wearing black today because it’s her funeral,” Tammy says, scorching our screen.

Mykenna explains to Peter that not getting one-on-one time with him hit her hard, but that it would’ve been the biggest mistake for her to leave. She says that Tammy has been twisting things. (On this show?! No way.).

“I’m not the villain of the season, honey,” Mykenna later tells Tammy in a heated, petty exchange.

The verdict? Peter sends Tammy home and keeps Mykenna. He should’ve kicked both to the proverbial curb.

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Who goes home on this week’s ‘The Bachelor’?

Peter tells Natasha he feels a connection with her ahead of the rose ceremony, and he gets a bit more out of Victoria F. When she says she doesn’t want to push him away and she’s sorry she did.

With only a few roses in play, Peter makes his choices (remember that Hannah Ann, Madison and Victoria F. Have roses). Kelsey, Natasha and Kelley receive roses … Meaning Sydney and Mykenna (!) Are out. We’re here for Mykenna’s self-love speech on principle, though it borders on immaturity.

With six women left, we can’t help but hear this song in our head.

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