Peavy on Panda: ‘Ruth didn’t look the part either’

Pablo Sandoval is hitting .326 with four doubles this postseason, and has played spectacular defense.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — San Francisco Giants starter Jake Peavy isn’t a player-agent, and doesn’t have a secret front-office role, but if someone is seeking an All-Star third baseman who can lead them to the World Series, Peavy has your man.

Yep, teammate Pablo Sandoval.

The Giants and Sandoval cut off negotiations in April after Sandoval rejected a three-year deal for about $40 million, and once the World Series is over, he’s free to sign with any team as one of the most valuable free agents on the market.

Forget his weight, Peavy says. Ignore the body. Just look at the numbers. And those championship rings on his fingers.

“I hear his weight might be an issue,” Peavy said. “But if there’s not 30 teams interested in Pablo Sandoval this winter I’ll question what your team is about.

“This guy is a champion. Three of five years this guy’s been in the World Series. Look at the big hits. Look at how this guy plays. I know who he is. I know what he brings to the field.

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“I understand there are teams with third basemen in place, but that being said, you can’t go out and not want these type of players.

“This guy has a flair of the dramatic, and he has that David Ortiz spirit.”.

Peavy, who played last season with the Boston Red Sox before being traded to the Giants in July, believes that Sandoval is the best clutch hitter he’s seen since Ortiz. Sandoval is hitting .326 with four doubles this postseason, and has played spectacular defense.

Who knows, Sandoval could wind up on Peavy’s former team, the Red Sox, who are seeking a third baseman? Sandoval also has been linked to the Miami Marlins.

“He’s a special player,” Peavy says., “You don’t get lucky and hit a home run off Justin Verlander in the (2012) World Series. Go look at his at-bats from the Pittsburgh (2014 wild-card) game on. Against the best trying to get you out. He’s a special player that can take you to that next level in the postseason.

“This guy is a big-time player. If I’m a general manager, I certainly want him on my team.

“I don’t care what kind of belly he has.

“Babe Ruth didn’t look the part either.”.


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