Olivia Munn calls out Mark Wahlberg’s payday in Critics’ Choice ‘good guys’ toast

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — Olivia Munn roasted All the Money in the World star Mark Wahlberg from the stage of the Critics’ Choice Awards on Thursday night during a sarcastic toast segment.

Munn, who hosted the awards show, and Niecy Nash hoisted glasses of champagne onstage to “give a toast to the good men in Hollywood.”.

The duo proceeded to shout-out to the “good guys” in the industry who do things like call for a meeting with an actress in a conference room rather than in their hotel room.

Munn turned her attention to Wahberg’s recent pay controversy for his film All the Money in the World by pretending the actor had been paid to take part in the toast.

“I want to say ‘thank you’ to the producers for paying Niecy and I the same amount of money and Mark Wahlberg a million dollars,” said Munn, and the audience laughed.

USA TODAY reported Tuesday that Wahlberg was paid $1.5 million for reshooting key scenes in the drama All the Money in the World while his female co-star Michelle Williams was paid an $80 per diem totaling less than $1,000.

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The reshoots took place in Italy after Money star Kevin Spacey became embroiled in a sexual misconduct scandal and had to be replaced in the completed film by Christopher Plummer.

The massive pay discrepancy has become a national talking point for director Ridley Scott’s film.

Wahlberg wasn’t in attendance at the awards.

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