Nobody is rooting for COVID-19 and to suggest otherwise is just stupid

This is the Morning Win, by Andy Nesbitt.

Here’s something that sounds very simple to comprehend but somehow still needs to be said – nobody in the media – or not in the media – is rooting for the coronavirus.

Nobody. At. All. Is. Rooting. For. The. Coronavirus.

I say this because on Monday NFL Network host Kyle Brandt tweeted the following: “There’s a segment of the NFL media that seems to be almost rooting for COVID to affect the season. They want it. They see the Marlins news and say, “Yep! Lots of luck, football!” These are people who make their livings off football. I don’t get it.”.

Brandt is one of the hosts of the very popular show “Good Morning Football” on the NFL Network. I haven’t watched the show because I’m not much of a morning person but I’ve seen some clips of the show on Twitter over the years and Brandt seems like a fun person on a fun show that many people and players enjoy.

But saying that some people in the media “want it” in regards to the coronavirus, which has killed over 150,000 Americans, is just stupid.

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Here’s the thing – media members who cover football need football to happen in order to continue to stay employed. Nobody ever wants to lose their jobs, especially during these trying times. Nobody is rooting for football to be shut down or cancelled this season because some very terrible things could happen if that does happen.

Reporters are going to ask the questions that need to be asked and follow the data and concerns that are showing how serious this disease can be. That’s not rooting against football, that’s doing their jobs.

But here’s another thing – everyone in the media is rooting for the health and safety of all those involved in all sports right now as we don’t want to see anyone getting sick with a disease that has proven to be deadly and also unpredictable on how it can affect people for the rest of their lives.

Just this past weekend we learned Red Sox ace Eduardo Rodriguez, who is 27 years old, is dealing with a heart condition that doctors believe was caused by the coronavirus that Rodriguez was diagnosed with a few weeks ago. This is all scary stuff that should give us pause before demanding athletes – who are normal human beings with families and loved ones – go out there during a pandemic just to entertain us with their games.

On Monday we saw MLB cancel some games after at least 11 members of the Miami Marlins franchise tested positive for COVID-19. My friend and coworker Steven Ruiz, who loves football and very much wants it to happen, explained why MLB’s problems mean that the NFL has no chance of happening this season. Steven isn’t rooting for the coronavirus, he’s looking at real-life examples and showing concern for the safety of those involved.

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Currently the NBA and WNBA seem to be doing a great job with life in their bubbles. MLS is having the same success in Orlando. And the NWSL recently wrapped up its tournament in Utah with no issues.

The NFL, like MLB, will not be played in a bubble. It just isn’t something the league could do so it’s safe to assume that football teams and players could face some serious issues when training camps and games start.

But to think anyone involved in covering any sport is rooting for a deadly disease to cancel a sport they love is just idiotic.

Now more than ever we should all be rooting for health and safety of every single person during a global pandemic and not taking stupid shots at each other, shots that are not even close to being true statements.

Doing that is dangerous, dumb, and just really unbelievable.

Monday’s biggest winner: Saquon Barkley.

The New York Giants star running back is known for having some amazing strength thanks to some gigantic quads. But still, he made jumping out of this pool look way too easy.

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– Lou Williams told Kendrick Perkins to “shut up” after criticism of Williams’ stop at a strip club.

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