NFL Week 12 drip check: Justin Jefferson carries on Virgil Abloh’s legacy; Myles Garret dons dinosaur suit

All 32 teams were in action this week, which makes the Week 12 drip check extra competitive.

Monday marks a somber anniversary in the fashion world as Virgil Abloh died from cancer a year ago at the age of 41. Abloh was hugely influential due to his bravery to question style status quos and was known for putting labels like “shoelaces” on shoelaces and “a formality” on a tie. He came from humble beginnings in Chicago and broke into the industry alongside the likes of Kanye West and Jerry Lorenzo. He made his own mark with his brand Pyrex, which he later changed to Off-White, a name that remains a staple in streetwear.

Abloh was a key member of the movement that helped bridge streetwear and high fashion. Louis Vuitton named him its artistic director of menswear in 2018. He was among the first Black designers to hold such a position.

Besides his boldness in fashion, Abloh was known as a kind, authentic person who encouraged collaboration and self-expression.

The NFL carries on his legacy as players continue to wear the brands that Abloh built and impacted.

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Here’s the NFL Week 12 drip check:.

5. Justin Jefferson — Minnesota Vikings

Justin Jefferson’s color of choice for his Thanksgiving game was green. He paired a vibrant St. Michael sweater with Off-White denim jeans that featured patches in the same green color. Some fresh white Gucci sneakers topped everything off.

4. Von Miller — Buffalo Bills

Leopard is always in fashion and Von Miller looks like his inspiration was global warming in this fluffy coat. He kept the rest of his outfit black, which ensured the jacket was the center of attention.

Not that this look needed any, but some Louis Vuitton luggage was a great splash of pizzazz.

3. Jayron Kearse — Dallas Cowboys

Jayron Kearse made a statement on Thanksgiving with a bulky knit sweater split down the middle that was half cream and half red. He paired it with leather shorts and leather boots that made him war ready.

2. Myles Garrett — Cleveland Browns

Myles Garrett is an expert at spooky style and he took home the crown for best Halloween outfit this year with his Vecna costume. His Week 12 attire was also chilling as he wore a white suit featuring dinosaur skeletons. As he walked down the tunnel to the locker room, the detail became evident. And as he walked away, the back of his jacket showed a T-Rex looming eerily over all the rest.

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The suit was designed by stylist Ashley North in collaboration with Grayscale. The Los Angeles-based brand revealed on its Instagram that the dinosaurs glow in the dark!

And the look isn’t completely random. Garrett is actually the Cleveland Museum of Natural History’s first-ever Community Science Ambassador. That’s something to rawr about.

1. Quincy Williams — New York Jets

Quincy Williams has been quietly making statements for a few weeks now, but this one we couldn’t pass up. The New York Jets linebacker wore a Palm Angels sweatsuit with a splattered paint design and Off-White x Nike Air Force 1s. The blue of the sneakers perfectly matched the swatches on the set for a look that was expertly organized chaos.

Honorable mentions

Eli Apple — Cincinnati Bengals

The oversized bootcut pants are as bold as the happy face jacket.

Derwin James — Los Angeles Chargers

A desert print camo jacket that says “ready for combat.”.

Cam Jordan — New Orleans Saints

A pinstripe suit + A pair of Jordan XIIs = A match made in heaven.

Jody Fortson — Kansas City Chiefs

A nice pop of color to follow up his attention-grabbing Dior look.

Mario Edwards — Tennessee Titans

This Dolce and Gabbana jacket is the perfect tribute to the sport without being too on the nose.

Fred Warner and Jimmie Ward — San Francisco 49ers

Embracing fall to the fullest in cozy layers. Jimmie Ward gets bonus points in our Virgil Abloh tribute for his Louis Vuitton jacket.

(Third and fifth slides).

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Robert Jones — Miami Dolphins

It’s officially time to get in the holiday spirit! What better way than with a vintage T-shirt of a classic movie.

(Eighth slide).

Andy Reid — Kansas City Chiefs

Coach showed them how it’s done with a cozy fleece vest and a team logo chain.

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