Jake Arrieta is now stuck with a CCU tattoo

Chicago Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta got a Coastal Carolina tattoo after losing a bet to teammate Tommy La Stella.

At least Jake Arrieta can say he doesn’t go back on his word.

Back in June, the Chicago Cubs hurler – who went to TCU – made a bet with his teammate Tommy La Stella, who played for Coastal Carolina. The player whose team lost in the universities’ College World Series semifinal would get a tattoo of the winning squad.

The Chanticleers claimed victory, which meant Arrieta was on the hook for a CCU tat … And on Friday, he revealed what he got:.

We’re not sure the location of the tattoo is or how large it is, although the closeup of Arrieta’s pores seems to indicate it’s not that big. And I guess the pitcher was kidding when he said he would get a tattoo that would only be noticeable under a blacklight.

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