Dispatches from the TBR pile: Love is Love

I’ve long since stopped trying to stay atop of my to-be-read pile. As a reviewer, bookseller and all-around book lover, it’s long since eclipsed normal proportions. And I’m OK with that. These are the stories of what it’s like when your to-be-read pile has become a mountain range.

Being sick is neither good nor fun. The only thing that might not suck about it is having the time to read. And so I was able to read a bunch of contemporaries that I’ve had sitting in my pile. The most important thing that connected all of them? Love is love. What do I mean? Let me show you.

I read five books when I was in my sick bed. The Petrov Proposal by Maisey Yates, Mr. Irresistible by Karina Bliss, Through the Lens by KM Jackson, Blind Items by Kate McMurray and Not Knowing Jack by KA Mitchell.

Both The Petrov Proposal and Through the Lens deal with the relationship between an über-talented boss and his assistant. For Yates’ pair, the heroine is the hero’s calm amidst the craziness of public popularity. But for Jackson’s pair, the heroine only allows herself to let her guard down when she is in private with her very public, and social, boss.

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Both Blind Items and Mr. Irresistible deal with a reporter, a potential scandal and a potential relationship. The narrator of Blind Items is instantly attracted to the son of the right-wing senator who is his favorite target, and must decide whether to out him, kiss him … Or both. The hero of Bliss’ book feels he must charm the reporter heroine in order to get her to give him some positive press after she’s written an article that came close to doing some serious harm.

Not Knowing Jack is the perfect counterpoint to them all. A strong, loving relationship between two very different men is tested by family secrets, scandal and a hidden past.

I love when books make me think. Partially because then I know I’m enjoying them. But partially because when my brain starts to make those kinds of cool connections between unrelated books, I know I’m on the road to recovery.

Hope your reading in May has been fun! : ) See you next month!

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