5 most incredible discoveries of the week

A new study might raise concerns for those who indulge in potent forms of marijuana.

A ancient eBay find and news sure to cheer mosquito haters make the list:.

Scientists Create Malaria-Proof Mosquitoes: Scientists have developed a genetically modified mosquito that’s resistant to malaria. They’re only in the lab for now, but real-world tests are in the works. In theory, the modified genes could spread through an entire population surprisingly fast.

Rare Christian Papyrus Put on eBay: A Christianity scholar was browsing eBay when he came across something startling: a New Testament papyrus fragment dating to around AD300. Opening bid? Just $99. He was able to get the auction suspended and examine the fragment, and what he found has him trying to convince the seller to turn down “absurd amounts of money” and donate it to a research library.

Why Meteorologists Wear the Same Dress: Strict dress codes and a lack of wardrobe money has led many female meteorologists on TV to flock to one particular dress that has caught on thanks to a Facebook post. Check out what the dress looks like, why so many say they’re wearing it.

American Women Are Drinking More Like Men: An analysis by the National Institutes of Health finds the gap between the way men and women drink is narrowing. The percentage of women drinking over the past month rose, as did their average number of drinking days per month. One generality about women’s related risks makes this especially worrisome.

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What Potent Pot Does to Your Brain: A new study might raise concerns for those who indulge in potent forms of marijuana–the pot seems to hamper the region of the brain that sends signals between the left and right sides. It all has to do with THC levels.

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